Friday, November 20, 2009

Kathryn & Craig at Holman Ranch, Carmel Valley, CA

Kathryn & Craig at Holman Ranch, Carmel Valley from Peri Basseri on Vimeo.

If they could figure out a way to bottle up that gleam in their eyes and sell it on the net they'd be gazillionaires! Though I have a hunch these two will be just fine on any salary. Katie and Craig chose a sunny day, the 8th of August '09 and the newly renovated and improved historic Holman Ranch as the backdrop for their most memorable day. MBWEP Treasurer and Holman's Director of Hospitality, Hunter Lowder, made sure the ranch was ready for primetime!

Shot by Patrick Dougherty and Charles Mixson, Edited by MBWEP Membership co-chair Peri Basseri for BigTime Video Services